Hong Kong make their Match Poker Debut in Taiwan at the 2019 Asian Nations Cup!

Team Hong Kong, being represented by the Match Poker Hong Kong Sports Federation (Operated by Hong Kong Game Club, HKGC), to participate the 2019 Asian Nations Cup in Taoyuan city, Taiwan will be comprised of:

Ricky Wai Ki Cheung – also known as the God Father of Poker in HK by TV media. Ricky is pioneer of Poker in Hong Kong and the founder of Hong Kong Game Club (HKGC) which has been promoting Poker and hosting poker tournaments in HK for 12 years since 2007. He is also the owner of 2 legal poker clubs, Club Pudong and Monte Carlo Whiskey Club, in Hong Kong for 9 years. HKGC partnered with All Japan Poker Championship (AJPC) since 2018, hosting AJPC x HKGC KO Bounty tournaments 2-3 times a year in Paradise City Incheon, Korea. Ricky signed with Asia Poker League(APL) as the Ambassador for 2019 & 2020. HKGC  signed with Hong Kong TV Station(TVB)  to produce 2 Seasons of  “Celebrities Poker Show”, the only legal Poker Organization in HK approved by the Communication Authority of HK.   A cash game player for 16 years. Started to play live tournaments  around Asia since 2018, have won 3 trophies and 25 ITMs.

Kathy Kam Tong Yang – have 2 years experience in live poker tournaments in Asia, she played in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. She is also a cash game player in Hong Kong for 2 years and Ambassador of Celebrities Poker Show of TVB.  She was the champion of AJPC Incheon 2018 No Limit Hold’em and has 16 ITMs in 2018. She is one of the female rising stars in Hong Kong.

Ying Kwong Mok – is a successful entrepreneur,  with over 20 businesses in Hong Kong. He is also a high stakes cash game player with 10 years of experience in No Limit Hold’em. He played live tournaments for leisure in different counties: Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and Las Vegas.

Dr. Raymond Kut Fu Chow – is a high stakes cash game player in Hong Kong for 15 years. His best record is winning USD$2,000,000 in one night. His longest cash game session is 72 hours. He also travels around the world for live tournaments, countries include the Philippines, Korea, Australia,  England, Germany, Spain, and Las Vegas, USA. 

Ki Wong – is a high stakes cash game player in Hong Kong and Macau, with over 11 years of experience. He is also a regular supporter of the Aussie Millions.

Karson Ka Shing Mak  is a active cash game and tournament player in Hong Kong HKGC for 3 years. Started to play live tournaments in Asia since 2017. He is the champion of AJPC Taiwan 2019 No Limit Turbo.

Jackie Cheuk Kit Chu – is an Amateur poker player started playing in cash game 10 years ago, and he also participated in many overseas tournaments since 2015. Always bring a “Magician Doggie”with him as a lucky charm in tournaments.

Chau Yeung Yip – also known as Jack. He is a private equity investment banker in Hong Kong. He starts playing poker for 8 years since he has graduated from university. He always goes to HKGC’s Club Pudong for live tournaments. He is also a regular high stakes cash game player.