Asian Nations Cup 2019 hosts, Taiwan are aiming for the Continental Championship!

Wei Cheng Yin, Coach – Wei Cheng Yin is known as Bonsai. Professional Poker player for 3 years. Co-founded the Taiwanese coaching group “Taiwan Rounders” along with teammates Jack and Bubuii.

Tzu Chieh Lo, Coach – Tzu Chieh Lo known as “Bubuii” has been playing poker for 10 years and is regarded as one of the top online SNG/tournament players in Taiwan. He co-founded Taiwanese coaching group “Taiwan Rounders” along with teammates Jack Wu and Bonsai. He has numerous live tournaments wins throughout Asia and consistent online win-rate in both cash games and tournaments.

En Ching Wu, Coach – En Ching Wu known as Jack Wu, playing poker for seven years from he study master in NTU. In March 2016, Wu got his first big win during the ACOP Platinum Series Main Event where he earned more than USD$33,000. He made his biggest cash to date when he found himself victorious in the APPT 10 MPC HKD$20,000 No Limit Holdem Event taking home over USD$100,000. With Wu’s 2016 amazing performance, it was but natural that he was named Asia Player of the Year (APOY). Wu open his first live course in May 2017. Then, he established Taiwan Rounders in 2018 with his teammates Bubuii and Bonsai which is the biggest poker coaching site in Taiwan. He also serve as Taiwan Bear star wild card in GPL China. Wu is ambassador for Asian Poker League in 2019 & 2020.

Hsing Hsiung Tai, Captain – Hsing Hsiung Tai known as David where every poker players recognize him as he promotes poker sport in Taiwan since 2014. David started his poker career 4 years ago and enjoy travels for poker tournaments, he also play an important role to the development of poker sport and founded the biggest poker association in Taiwan – CTP Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association. CTP currently running 7 poker clubs throughout Taiwan and the biggest room located in Taipei city which can fit 27 poker tournament’s table. David is really honoured and excited to be the host for the upcoming IFMP Asian Nations Cup in Taoyuan, Taipei and he is looking forward to bring you a great event and wish all nation teams enjoy the hospitality. Welcome to Taiwan!

Po Chun Wen, Vice Captain – Po Chun Wen is known as Ross. The deputy team leader of Chinese Taipei. Working at CTP club as executive tournament director. He deeply loves poker from the first time he has played since 2008. And now, he is the one of who promotes poker as a sport competition in Taiwan and encourage to build CTP club to be the best poker room in Asia.

Philip King Chung Wang, Team Consultant – Philip Wang has been playing poker in the live circuit for over 11 years, and is currently the senior consultant for CTP Club, the largest poker club in Taiwan. Philip holds the world record for the number of ITMs in 2018, and is currently the country’s Top 10 GPI-ranked player. Philip is also the national team member representing Taiwan in last year’s IFMP Asian Nation’s Pair Challenge, and has helped his team win a Silver Medal with his teammate Bonsai.

Zong Chi He – Zong Chi He aka “Art” that’s all his friends called him. Art Started playing poker since 2008 and currently holds several champions titles in his check list in this year. As a team member of Team Chinese Taipei, he had attended the IFMP Match Poker Nations Cup in Dublin, Ireland and the schedule had fully inspired him during that time. With the Asian Nations Cup coming to his home ground in Taoyuan, Taiwan, he is hoping to perform well in the match and take down the Championship.

Chi Jen Chen – Chi Jen Chen, better known as CJ, started to play poker online as an amateur over 10 years ago, while taking care of his newborn baby in many sleepless nights. CJ loves poker and spends most of his time from busy schedule of work and family. CJ holds an MBA degree from NYU and is a father of 2 boys and a girl. He is also the co-founder and CEO of a financial trading software company. CJ recently won the APL Main Even Championship in Taipei among other numerous winnings in other tournaments.

Yu Chung Chang – CHANG YU CHUNG known as Nevan and been playing poker since 3 years ago. He had been representing the CS National Team Taiwan from the age of 14 to 20 and been in the e-commerce industry for 6 years after retiring from the national team. In the year of 2016, a poker trip at Seoul Korea had changed his life till now, he is passionate and in love with poker, Nevan will spend 10 hours a day studying poker skills and strategies. He is now a full time professional poker player in MTT and cash game, also co-operating with Natural 8 on live broadcast of poker sessions.

Chen Yi Liu – Chen Yi Liu known as Serina Liu, holds an electronic engineering master degree from NTU and is currently working as an engineer in the largest IC design company in Taiwan. Serina has been playing poker for 2 years and has already won numerous live tournaments in her pocket. She was also a GGNetwork ambassador back in 2018. Such accomplishments has put her on the list as one of the upcoming rising female stars among the poker circuit in Taiwan.

Yi Chun Cheng – Cheng Yi Chun better known as Wade, has been playing poker for 6 years, Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker club operator in Hsinchu, promotes poker to the public everyday all the time and doesn’t care about winning or losing, just having fun.