China wins the Asian Nations Cup

The world’s first Asian poker team champion

anc-day2-4800It is official – the host nation outperformed the competitors and got to keep the trophy on Chinese soil. While Team China’s closest competitor throughout the first six sessions Australia experienced a disappointing Sunday session, the Chinese squad maintained their cool and with a very steady performance they kept adding distance to the trailing teams and went into the last session with a healthy lead. Congratulations to China on this their first historic victory in an official IFP Championship event.

The exhibition team and local Hainan province hosts from China Poker Games delivered a very strong performance and managed to squeeze into second place – a clean sweep for the host nation left the local crowd and their supporters very excited about IFP, Match Poker and the prospects of future events in this part of the World.

Team Singapore took the bronze medals, while Israel and Australia managed to hang on to the coveted 4th and 5th place releasing tickets to the Nation Cup Final and a seeded entry into the battle for the World Championship.

We will publish further analysis and statistics shortly.