Poland vs Lithuania – Round Two

On 11th April 2015 the Polish sports poker team (Tabu sponsored Poland Team) was defeated 122-98 in the second leg of a friendly match by the national poker team of Lithuania.

The event took place in the Hit Kasino at Krucza Street in Warsaw, Poland.

The Polish team consisted of 12 players and the Lithuanian team of 6 players.

The first six Polish players (beginners) – supported by captain Michal Panek – was defeated by the Lithuanians 24 to 86.

The second six Polish players defeated their Lithuanian opponents  74 to 36.

In the opinion of the training staff of the Polish National Federation, final result of 122 to 98 for Lithuania is quite positive in preparation for the World Championship later this year.

Lithuania was captained by their National Federation president Skirmantas Tomkevicius.

Previously on 21st  March 2011 in Vilnius, Lithuania – the Polish team defeated the Lithuanians 163-125.

The Poker Sports Association is the only legal representative of the sports poker in Poland.

Its purpose is to promote the idea of competition and to create the best team for all kind of poker matches.

Lietuvos Sportinio Pokerio Federacija is the only governing body for the sport of poker in Lithuania.

The Lithuanian team is created by selecting the best (according to national LSPF rankings) players from the year 2014.

IFP would like to congratulate the Lithuanians on their victory and encourage all our members to organise and play amongst themselves!

Lithuania vs Armenia

The Lithuanian national team faced the Armenian national team in two day clash in Lithuania to see who would win at Match Poker.

The Armenian team comprised of: Hakob Vardanyan (president), Sargis Antonyan, Armen Petrosyan, Suren Hunanyan, Manana Melkonyan. The Lithuanian team comprised of: Vytautas Milbutas (captain), Andrius Bielskis, Paulius Venčkauskas, Rasa Šalčiuvienė, Vaidas Bielskis, Andrej Afonin. The Lithuanian team was created from national federation’s best players (Vaidas Bielskis, Rasa Šalčiuvienė, Andrej Afonin) and well known professionals such as Vytautas Milbutas, Andrius Bielskis and Paulius Venčkauskas.

Match poker was played by both for 50 hands after the completed SNG tournaments. The organizers did not have access of IFP’s bespoke Match Poker technology and had to physically deal and replicate all the 50 hands randomly, using 50 card decks for those 50 deals. Teams we seated in the following order: table 1 – three Armenians and two Lithuanians, table 2 – vice versa. Blinds were 50-100, and every player could use 100 BB for each hand. After the first session (e.g. 25 deals) Lithuanians were leading by 40BB (4000 in chips). However, after the break the Armenian team began to use very aggressive team tactics, which were very successful at SNG tournament – team format was not so favorable for this and at the end, after the calculation of the results, it became clear, that Lithuania won by 400 BB, most of which was added by Andrius Bielskis, the winner of 7th Sunday Million at Poker Stars. He increased its original chip stack by 280 BB.

After the events ended, teams agreed that such an event is very useful for the players and for the popularity and development of poker itself.


Below is an update from the Confederacao Brasileira de Texas Hold’em (CBTH), IFP’s Brazilian member nation:

The latest year for Brazilian Poker was of great advances, government assistance and support from well-known brands such as SKY TV and DUCATI, hitting new records.

The Brazilian Poker Championship – (Brazilian Series of Poker – BSOP), recognized as the largest and most important series of poker tournaments in Brazil and Latin America, in its 8th season had another year of growth and record players and awards , mirroring the success of the sport in our country.

In Brazil today it is estimated that there are about 4 million people that have some contact with Poker and this volume can be noticedin the final step of the Championship that took place in December 2013.

BSOP Millions (Final Step) had 2400 registered participants for its main event, with a total of 6889 entries in the entire event. With these numbers we had a new Brazilian and Latin American record, also giving BSOP the status of second largest national series of poker tournaments in the world.

In this event we had numerous celebrities participating as Ronaldo “Fenomeno”, and we also had the Minister of Sports in Brazil, the most important member of the government related to the sport in the country, attend the official opening ceremony, supporting, congratulating growth and all the good deeds that sport has generated for the country.


Serbian Poker League 2014

IFP’s Serbian member nation, Poker Savez Srbije (PSS), has launched the poker league of Serbia for 2014.

Supported by their sponsors – BalkanPokerStar, Poker Savez Srbije have organized 7 Tournaments (from 10th to 16th March) plus 1 Final Tournament, which is part of the European Poker Tour Vienna. The best ranked player will participate in this competition – the European Poker Tour in Vienna.

For future competitions, they have scheduled the Spring, Summer and Autumn leagues. The finalists of these leagues will join Poker Team Serbia, that will represent their country at international competitions organized by IFP.

Alongside the Serbian Poker League, they will host an “Open Poker School”, with more than 300 online poker tournaments, for all members willing to upgrade their skills needed for success in the game of poker!


RZ_EU-NationsCup-LogoThe International Federation of Poker (IFP) is set to hold its first event of 2013.

To be hosted in the beautiful surroundings of ‘The Annabelle Hotel’ in Paphos, Cyprus, on 12th-15th April 2013, the European Nations Cup will be the very first official IFP tournament to be conducted without physical playing cards and dealers. The event will showcase a whole host of brand new IFP Match Poker technology. Not only will players receive their hole cards on individual smartphones, but also every single action on all 14 tables will be logged and openly available for replay and analysis via the “IFP Player”.

The 14 participating Nations are as follows: Cyprus (host), Bosnia Herzegovina, Denmark, Estonia, France, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain and the UK. The top 6 will qualify through to the IFP Nations Cup Final later in the year.Match Poker is the mind sports version of poker promoted by IFP. By borrowing the basic concepts of Duplicate Bridge, it offers a way of organising individual and team poker tournaments completely free from the “luck of the draw”. Match Poker tournaments are unique in allowing a fair assessment of the skill of the players without any influence of the random deal of cards.

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