Hong Kong’s High Profile Celebrity Match Poker Team is Ready to Compete!

Team Hong Kong, being represented by the Match Poker Hong Kong Sports Federation (Operated by Hong Kong Game Club, HKGC), to participate the 2021 Nations Cup Qualifiers from Asia, will be comprised of:


Ricky Wai Ki Cheung (Team Captain) – also known as the God Father of Poker in Hong Kong by TV media. Ricky is pioneer of poker in Hong Kong and the founder of Hong Kong Game Club (HKGC) which has been promoting poker and hosting poker tournaments in HK for 14 years since 2007. He is also the owner of the biggest poker club (5,000 sqf) in HK: Heart Spade Diamond Club for 12 years. Ricky also owns a poker society in Hong Kong Open University. HKGC partnered with the biggest organisation in Japan named All Japan Poker Championship (AJPC) since 2018. Ricky signed with Asia Poker League (APL) as their Ambassador since 2019. HKGC signed with Hong Kong TV Station (TVB) to produce 2 Seasons of “Celebrities Poker Show”. HKGC is the only legal Poker Organisation in HK approved by the Communication Authority of HK. A poker YouTuber since 2019. A cash game player for 18 years. Started to play live tournaments around Asia since 2018, have won 5 trophies and 30 ITMs finishes.


Kathy Yang Kam Tong – is the President of Hong Kong Women’s Poker Association. She has 4 years experience in live poker tournaments in Asia, she played in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. She is also a cash game player in Hong Kong for 4 years and Ambassador of Celebrities Poker Show of TVB. She was the champion of AJPC Incheon 2018 No Limit Hold’em and has 16 ITM finishes in 2018.


Eric Wailey Kwok – 47 years old, he is a famous music producer & artist. Co-captain of Match Poker Hong Kong Team. Producer and host of the first Cantonese celebrities poker show on YouTube: “Round Table Poker”. Started playing poker in 2004. Love the excitement of bluffing and hero calling. Love the observation of players while playing poker on the table.


Wilfred Lau Ho Lung – 44 years old, he is a famous movie artist and singer. Co-captain of Match Poker Hong Kong Team. Producer and host of the first Cantonese celebrities poker show on YouTube: “Round Table Poker”. Experienced poker player for 16 years. Learn the game of poker in 2004 while playing with some friends at home.


JW, Wong Ho Yee – She is a famous singer & movie actress, learnt playing poker with her friends during secondary school, then started playing regularly with friends just for fun!


Gary Chun Hei Lai – 23 years old, Team Pro of HKGC. He has came across poker in 2019. His first time playing poker was at the University Poker League held by HKGC at Open University of Hong Kong.


Ray Kin Wing Ng – He is a Esports manager, grew up learning to play competitive games with his friends. Ray has been working in the esports industry for the last 6 years and started playing poker in 2018.

Philippines are Eager to Impress after their 2019 Asian Nations Cup Debut

Team Captain of Team Philippines – Hermie Philipson Chua

He is 47 years old and and works in financing.

‘Poker runs in my blood, been playing since 2007 when I won as the first APPT online qualifier out of 5,000 players. Played the 2010 WSOP main event but busted out on day 1. Jointly organised the Poker Players Association of the Philippines and became its first President in 2011, lucky enough to survive 15 years of playing and enjoying each moment of it.


Member of Team Philippines – Lloyd Chua

He is 47 years old and and works in financing.

‘I started playing poker when it was first introduced here in the Philippines at ClubV and immediately fell in love with the game!’



Member of Team Philippines – Myra M. Adriano

She is 52 years old and works as a Manager, Site Acquisition and Management, for Globe Telecom Inc.

Myra is happily married with 3 children and currently works as a senior manager for a telecommunications company. She has been playing poker since 2005, both live and online. She has participated in various poker circuits and has also won some MTTs. She loves the challenge of playing against the best in the game and outwitting the poker pros. She looks forward to winning her next major tourney.


Member of Team Philippines – Lou Pacia

He is 58 years old and is an entrepreneur.

He started playing poker 50 years ago with his father! ‘Poker is the best’.


Member of Team Philippines – J Marco Aventajado

He is 45 years old and is a Professor, Entrepreneur and Gaming Consultant.

One of the trailblazers of Texas Hold’em poker in Manila in 2004. Tournament Director for WPT Philippines (2006) and WPT Manila (2016). Owned and operated several poker rooms in and around the Philippines.


Member of Team Philippines – Dexter A. Brillo

He is a 48 year old Customs Broker.

‘I started playing poker 15 years ago. At first, it was just a game that I played, until I found interest in poker and it eventually turned into a hobby. I love the complexity of the game and how it is determined by skill and not only through luck.


Member of Team Philippines – Romeo ‘Don’ Lerit Jr

He is a 44 year old businessman and is the President of Legalas Group of Companies.

Known in the poker scene as ‘Mr Blind All In’, Don is one of the more energetic players, his game is fun and loud with more than 10 years of experience.


Member of Team Philippines – Paul John G. Velasco

A 50 year old businessman, Paul John Velasco is an entrepreneur and founder of Tea Options Official, it currently has 4 stores inside and outside the metro. Before entering the world of business, poker was his first love. He is a consistent poker player who focuses more on cash games.


Member of Team Philippines – Anselmo Ferdinand B Adriano

A 55 year old lawyer, Ansel started playing poker in 2005, joining small live tournaments purely out of curiosity, fun and meeting new people. Since then, he has played in some major tourneys both locally and abroad, and participated in live and online events.

Can Ukraine make it 3 World Championships in a row?

After their debut performance and victory at the 2019 Nations Cup in Dublin, the Ukrainian national team finished 3rd in the European Championships in Kyiv only to successfully defend their World Championship and win it once again at the 2020 Nations Cup – making them the first nation to win it twice, and that too in back to back years!!!


Ukraine National Team

Olga Iermolcheva, 33 years old, professional poker player

The most successful female poker player of Ukraine. Olga proved herself great during the Nations Cup 2019, scoring the most points for our team and showing the best result throughout the tournament! Iermolcheva is always ready for new challenges and fights till the end!


Hanna Mazno, 31 years old, professional poker player

Hanna made her debut in the Ukrainian national team in 2020. And before that, she managed to become the winner of the selection event to the team, organized by PokerMatch. This player from Kharkiv managed to get ahead of almost 100 competitors and win a place in the main team of the country. Well done!


Mykhailo Kedrovskyi (captain), 49 years old, professional poker player

The most experienced player on our team, Mykhailo has already lifted the Nations Cup above his head twice, and is always ready to show his best game or help his teammates with advice and support. This Kyiv-based player has won many trophies on live series in Ukraine and feels confident in the online game as well. A true captain!


Andrii Momot – 33 years old, IT-specialist, amateur poker player

The Ukrainian sports poker champion and a two-time world match poker champion, Andriy has played important hands at both the Dublin tournament and the online cup. This Kharkiv-based player always analyzes the game meticulously and helps his team prepare for the competition as good as possible.


Mykhailo Kobylinskyi – 31 years old, professional poker player

Misha started playing poker when he was a student. Over the years, he has truly matured and is now considered one of the most persistent poker players in Ukraine. This player has proved himself in tournaments with the national team and now has a gold medal of the world champion in his collection of trophies. Way to go!


Artem Kobylynskyi – 30 years old, professional poker player

A very dangerous opponent for any player who comes to the table with him. Artyom has made it to the EPT Super Final Main Event, and he has dozens of great results in online tournaments. Artyom always tries to show his best game in the Ukrainian team and does it excellently.


Renat Bohdanov – 23 years old, professional poker player

Renat quickly got into the list of the leading poker players in Ukraine. He has already won the WSOP Europe bracelet! In May 2020, Bohdanov played for the Ukrainian team for the first time and became the World Champion along with his partners. What an incredible start of the career!

Volodymyr Drokin – 31 years old, professional poker player

Volodymyr also has two “golds” of the Nations Cup on match poker. In addition, he has won the Ukrainian sports poker championship and has repeatedly been noted for his successful performances at the World Poker series. That includes the WSOP in Las Vegas. Drokin is a real fighter!


Andriy Lyubovetskiy – 30 years old, professional poker player

Another two-time world champion as a member of the Ukrainian team. Andriy has been successfully competing at large live tournaments and online series for a long time, and his opponents at the tables fear him for a reason. Andriy tries to get the most out of any hand and does it perfectly!


Mykhailo Gutyi – 31 years old, professional poker player

The titled Ukrainian player and owner of the WSOP Europe bracelet. Mykhailo has played two tournaments for the national team — in Kyiv, where he won bronze at the European Nations Cup in 2019, and gold at the World Championship in 2020. In addition to that, he got the MVP of the Nations Cup 2020 prize. Misha is a rocket!


Ivanna Soya (Yatsiuk) – 32 years old, professional poker player

Ivanna is a debutant of the Ukrainian national team. She has earned her place in the main team thanks to her excellent results. Lately Ivanna has won many big online tournaments and has proved her worth in the live series. Now it’s time to help the team win new trophies!

The Poles are ready to put themselves in pole position for the 2021 Nations Cup Finals

Representing Zwiazek Pokera Sportowego, here is the Polish national Match Poker squad:

1. Krystyna Jakubowska

31 years old – Warszawa

She works as a corporate lawyer. Used to play Texas Holdem live & online tournaments and cash games on a regular basis, however for the last 3 years has been focusing on her professional career. A member of Polish National Poker Team since the European Nations Cup in Cyprus in 2013.

2. Olga Konieczna

22 years old – Szczecin

She is a speech therapist and works with children. She has been playing Texas Hold’em poker as a hobby for 3 years. She likes competition and good coffee.

3. Jakub Wiśnicki

34 years old – Kraków

Polish National Team captain. Happy husband and father, fanatic gamer and passionate poker player. Unstoppable, lucky as hell and hard to beat – deal with it!

4. Radzym Jankiewicz

32 years old – Mogilno

He represented Poland in the Match Poker Nations Cup. Works for local government in Dabrawa. Social activist and book lover.


5. Krystian Kazaniecki

33 years old – Warszawa

PhD in Mathematics. Mathematician by education and by passion. In his free time he is an avid gamer, both computer and board games. He started playing poker with friends in his dormitory and hasn’t stopped since.

6. Rafał Rogosz

35 years old – Kraków

Experienced poker player, professional croupier, Polish National Team member in Match Poker, author of board games.

7. Piotr Sarnecki

32 years old – Wrocław

He manages early notification of risk in the supply chain in “riskmethods” company. He has been playing poker for many years. After winning the regional tournament, happy to participate in all further competitions created by Polish Federation and international organisations.

8. Michał Panek

40 years old – Warszawa

Playing head coach of the Polish National Team, former captain of Polish National Team since the beginning of its existence. Proud co-creator of team’s success that manifested by winning the majority of its international matches. Privately, happy husband and father.

The Italians go with experience in their bid to recreate their 2017 Nations Cup performance!

Introducing Team Italy:

Isidoro Alampi (captain)

Age: 48

General Manager, President of Italian Poker Federation

Founder of Italian Poker Federation in 2006 with his passion for sport, he contributed to the spread of poker as a sport throughout Italy. Member of the Tournament Director Association, he organised the Italian WPT in 2011.

His dream is to see poker officially recognised as a sport in Italy.


Antonio Parlavecchio

Age: 46

I have been in the world of poker since 2007 both as a player, participating in national and international events (EPT, WSOP, etc.), and as an organiser.

A sport that immediately fascinated me and allowed me to reap great satisfaction.


Massimo Majolino

Age: 53

Always a lover of poker in general I approached sports poker as soon as I got a foothold in Italy in 2006 now after having known and played it I am increasingly convinced that the future of sports poker is only Match Poker.

I have done some good results online in various platforms such as Pokerstars, 888 etc. etc.

Together with my two partners, I manage the dealer staff in the tournaments that take place at Casino Malta.


Giuseppe Ruggeri

Age: 46

As soon as I met sports poker I approached only out of curiosity but then curiosity became passion.

Discreet live and online player, I have obtained several good results in various Mini IPT, Pokermaps, Battle of Malta tournaments.

I am a dealer/floorman in the most important European events.


Marco Sfameni

Age: 24

Pharmacy student still full time.

In love with discovery and adventures.

I love traveling and learning about new cultures.

Lover of sports poker for a long time (well before I could actually play), a passion that also extends to other card games.


Giuseppe Grimaldi

Age: 52

Architect with a passion for sport. He has practiced competitive youth and senior activities, in basketball, soccer and volleyball. About ten years ago, thanks to the FIGP, he met “Texas Hold’em live” and soon became one of the protagonists in the world of associations in his region (Sicily). Professional commitments do not allow him constant participation in international tournaments. Nevertheless, it has achieved excellent results by going to ITM frequently. The #9 place at the “Battle Of Malta 2015” is certainly the most prestigious placement. He was part of the 2017 Nations Cup team which finished runners-up to the Irish.


Katia Crisafulli

The beautiful part of the team.

Everyone bets that it will be the surprise of the impenetrable tournament, the poker face of the team.


Mario Sfameni

Age: 51

Pharmacist with a passion for Texas Hold’em. Since 2006 he has been attending the Texas Hold’em world first as a live player ($50,000 won in his career) and then as a tournament organiser especially in Malta from 2009 to present.
Vice President of F.I.G.P. since 2013 in the IFMP family ready for the spread of Match Poker on the Italian territory.
He was part of the 2017 Nations Cup team which finished runners-up to the Irish.