The Norwegian Poker Federation are ready for their Match Poker debut


Introducing Team Norway, making their Match Poker debut at the 2021 Nations Cup Qualifiers:

Captain: Sigurd Eskeland (47 years)

Profession: President of the Norwegian Poker Federation.

Sigurd is a former professional poker player, the highlight of his career was winning a WSOP bracelet in 2010 in the $2500 8-game tournament in addition to final table appearances from EPT and WPT. He was named Player of the Year in Norway in 2011. He has been the leader of NPF since 2013.


Ørjan Skommo (33 years)

Profession: Poker player

Ørjan has a wide variety of final tables from all over the world, and he has won two Norwegian championship titles. He was inducted into Norway’s poker Hall of Fame in 2019.


Ylva Thorsrud (36 years)

Profession: Poker player/Streamer

Ylva combined playing live poker with being a dealer for years, but after covid-19 she turned her focus to streaming and now has one of the biggest poker streams in Norway. She recently won the Ladies event at the Norwegian online Championship.


Morten Klein (52 years)

Profession: Investor

Morten had his first international final table 15 years ago, and has since then had great success both in poker and as a businessman. He has a third place finish from EPT, and a second place finish from WPT and has a Norwegian Championship title.


Frode Fagerli (50 years)

Profession: Head of affiliates

Frode is the Organizer of the Norwegian Championship of Poker that take place in Dublin every year. He’s an entrepreneur and an experienced poker player with his first international cash in 2004. He was inducted into Norway’s Poker Hall of Fame in 2013.


Tobias Leknes (28 years)

Profession: Poker player

Tobias is a mixed games specialist with 3 Norwegian Championship titles and 6 WCOOP titles. He’s on the board of the Norwegian Poker Federation.


Henrik Tollefsen (33 years)

Profession: Poker player

Henrik became the youngest player to ever win a Norwegian championship main event when he won it in 2009. Since then he has had great success in tournaments all over the world. He was named Player of the year in Norway 2016 and was inducted into the Norwegian Poker Hall of Fame in 2017.


Oskar Wedde (25 years)

Profession: Student

Oskar had his first registered cash when he won the Norwegian Turbo Championship in 2017. He has since then built up a successful poker stream while completing his studies.