Team Mongolia look to channel their inner Genghis Khan and make their mark in Match Poker!

Introducing the Mongolian national Match Poker team, representing The Mongolian Free Poker Federation:

Mongolian national team members

Buyanjargal Bold

Name: Buyanjargal Bold

Age: 38

Profession: Germanistik

Bio: He started playing poker in 2005. From 2006 to 2010, he worked as a dealer in a casino. He re-started playing poker in 2013 and won the 2014 Asia-Pacific Red Dragon main event in Macao, beating 995 players. ‘For me, poker is an intellectual sport that requires psychological combat, endurance and self-control. Having competed in many competitions and experienced joys and sorrows, I will love this sport and play it to the death.’


Tsognaadorj. T

Full Name: Tsognaadorj Tegshjargal

Age: 33

Profession: Human Resources Manager

Bio: When I first started playing poker, my goal was to become a good athlete who made a name for Mongolia and the world.

Hobby: Playing chess, checkers, billiards, basketball.


Gantugs. N

Full Name: Gantugs Namsrai

Age: 23

Profession: Mechanical Engineer

Bio: In 2018, I became interested in poker. I first learned to play at a cash table on a Mongolian site. In addition, poker, which is associated with chess, was considered an intellectual sport and was practiced in the future. In his spare time, he enjoys playing poker.


Battulga J

Full Name: Battulga Janag

Age: 32

Profession: Accountant

Bio: I’ve been playing poker since 2012. Also i’ve had running poker course since 2017. My most interesting subjects are astronomy and philosophy. It’s like I could discuss those subjects 24/7 with anyone.


Ankhzaya Ch

Full Name: Ankhzaya Chindegsuren

Age: 35

Profession: Journalist

Bio: I have been interested in playing poker for more than ten years. I’m a mother of two and like to play all kinds of online games. I’m also interested in growing and caring for plants.


Anujin. Kh

Full Name: Anujin Khadkhuu

Age: 21

Profession: Student of the National University of Mongolia

Bio: I have been watching professional players since I was 17 then I started playing poker myself at the age of 19. I am very dedicated to this sport and looking forward to make my team the best of all.


Erdene B

Full Name: Erdene-Bayar Boldbaatar

Age: 44

Profession: DRIVER

Bio: I’ve been interested in poker for over 5 years, and I started playing poker because I was interested in playing cards. In my free time, I usually play online poker.

Hobby: Shooting sports and volleyball


Chinbaatar. M

Full Name: Chinbaatar Maamuu

Age: 34

Profession: Tourism Management

Bio: Been playing poker since 2006, what I love about it is that it is a mind sport and can be played by anyone irrespective of age and gender.


Bat-erdene. E

Full Name: Bat-Erdene Erdene-Bayar

Age: 31

Profession: TV Director

Bio: Began playing poker in 2010, I have been participating in sports competitions for 5 years. I like to play with human psychology and read cards. I’m playing to improve my skills now.


Enkhmaa. M

Full name: Enkhmaa Myangat

Age: 28

Profession: Journalist

Bio: Poker has been one part of my life for a few years. But I have huge goals and dreams. So the championship would be a big chance to improve myself and my poker career.

Mongolia joins IFMP

On 23rd March 2021 the IFMP Board voted in favour of a membership application received from ‘The Mongolian Free Poker Federation’. We are excited to see the Match Poker family growing and proud to welcome Mongolia as our latest member federation.

The Mongolian Poker Union was founded in 2009 with the main aim of developing poker as a sport in Mongolia. They are the only official organisation of poker sport in Mongolia and recognised by the Mongolian Sports Committee. Since launch, they have successfully organised the very first national championship and been organising it every year.

The federation wishes to become a member of IFMP, develop poker and Match Poker as a sport in Mongolia, train professional players and participate in international competitions.

The association adheres to IFMP’s rules and declares that it accepts, respects and implements all decisions made by the bodies of the IFMP, including the Congress, Board, Continental Councils, Sport Department, Commissions and Working Groups, Anti-Doping, Disciplinary and Appeals Commissions, Athletes Commission, Medical Commission, Para Match Poker Commission and Ethics Commission.