The Kazakhstani’s can’t wait for their Match Poker debut!

Introducing the Kazakhstani national Match Poker team, for their participation in the upcoming 2021 Nations Cup qualifiers:

Gulbanu Sapabekova

Gulbanu Sapabekova (female)
My name is Banu (full name is Gulbanu Sapabekova). I am 47 years old and I am an economist by profession. I’ve been playing poker since 2011. I am the first woman to win a tournament in Portugal – Vilamoura. I also have wins at various tournaments and a lot of final tables on my account. At the moment I do not play as often as before, but I hope to improve my game in the future and achieve good results. It is a great honour for me to participate in such a prestigious tournament. Our team will try to show their best side. Thanks for the invitation and good luck to us!
Zhenis Abenov
Full Name: Abenov Zhenis Makhsutovich
Age & Profession: 36 years old, crypto investor
Zhenis started playing poker in 2007 and was one of the first Kazakhstan poker players.
He won many official tournaments in Kazakhstan including latest Central Asia Championship, King Of Poker Championship and Tournament of the Champions. With more than 20 trophies in live tournaments, the thing he likes most in the Game is the competitive spirit and fast changing pace of the game in tournaments. After poker became illegal in Kazakhstan, Zhenis started his online poker career which he continues to this time. In spare time, he likes to do research and invest in prospective new crypto projects. Married, happy father of 3 children.
Daniar Aubakirov
I was born on 06.05.90 and started playing poker at the age of 19. Started participating in local tournaments, won prize places.
I also participated in big world tournaments (WSOP, EPT, etc). Won WPT Amsterdam in 2017. What I love about poker is that everything depends on you. Married, have 1 daughter.
Ermek Alymbekov
My name Ermek, I am 54 years old and I am a philologist by profession.
I started playing poker in 2007 and I have wins at location tournaments and a lot of final tables on my account.
Skhirtladze Lasha
I was born on 26/03/1976 and I have been playing poker for over 20 years. I have played in local tournaments, won first and prize places. For me, poker is a game of intellect, skills, where the presence of luck is of no small importance. I work as a Chief of Restaurant. Experience 25 years.
Roman Lopatenko
38 years old, journalist and secretary of Kazakhstan Sport Poker Federation. In 2007 started playing poker and organising tournaments. Captain of national team in international competitions. Doing a lot of work for the promotion of poker as sport in Kazakhstan. Playing poker online, also like chess and backgammon.