The Italians go with experience in their bid to recreate their 2017 Nations Cup performance!

Introducing Team Italy:

Isidoro Alampi (captain)

Age: 48

General Manager, President of Italian Poker Federation

Founder of Italian Poker Federation in 2006 with his passion for sport, he contributed to the spread of poker as a sport throughout Italy. Member of the Tournament Director Association, he organised the Italian WPT in 2011.

His dream is to see poker officially recognised as a sport in Italy.


Antonio Parlavecchio

Age: 46

I have been in the world of poker since 2007 both as a player, participating in national and international events (EPT, WSOP, etc.), and as an organiser.

A sport that immediately fascinated me and allowed me to reap great satisfaction.


Massimo Majolino

Age: 53

Always a lover of poker in general I approached sports poker as soon as I got a foothold in Italy in 2006 now after having known and played it I am increasingly convinced that the future of sports poker is only Match Poker.

I have done some good results online in various platforms such as Pokerstars, 888 etc. etc.

Together with my two partners, I manage the dealer staff in the tournaments that take place at Casino Malta.


Giuseppe Ruggeri

Age: 46

As soon as I met sports poker I approached only out of curiosity but then curiosity became passion.

Discreet live and online player, I have obtained several good results in various Mini IPT, Pokermaps, Battle of Malta tournaments.

I am a dealer/floorman in the most important European events.


Marco Sfameni

Age: 24

Pharmacy student still full time.

In love with discovery and adventures.

I love traveling and learning about new cultures.

Lover of sports poker for a long time (well before I could actually play), a passion that also extends to other card games.


Giuseppe Grimaldi

Age: 52

Architect with a passion for sport. He has practiced competitive youth and senior activities, in basketball, soccer and volleyball. About ten years ago, thanks to the FIGP, he met “Texas Hold’em live” and soon became one of the protagonists in the world of associations in his region (Sicily). Professional commitments do not allow him constant participation in international tournaments. Nevertheless, it has achieved excellent results by going to ITM frequently. The #9 place at the “Battle Of Malta 2015” is certainly the most prestigious placement. He was part of the 2017 Nations Cup team which finished runners-up to the Irish.


Katia Crisafulli

The beautiful part of the team.

Everyone bets that it will be the surprise of the impenetrable tournament, the poker face of the team.


Mario Sfameni

Age: 51

Pharmacist with a passion for Texas Hold’em. Since 2006 he has been attending the Texas Hold’em world first as a live player ($50,000 won in his career) and then as a tournament organiser especially in Malta from 2009 to present.
Vice President of F.I.G.P. since 2013 in the IFMP family ready for the spread of Match Poker on the Italian territory.
He was part of the 2017 Nations Cup team which finished runners-up to the Irish.