Match Poker is a revolutionary team eSport based on the principles of Texas Hold ‘Em, designed to maximise skill and
remove the elements of luck and gambling. The governing body, the International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP), is a non-profit organisation whose stated purpose is to “serve as the global governing body for Match Poker”. IFMP consists of National Federations from around the world and currently has more than 65 members across six continents.
The global launch of the IFMP and the UK Federation will take place ‘on the river’ on Tuesday 27th July at the Hidden
Garden in Henley-on-Thames, England.

IFMP President and sports marketing visionary Patrick Nally (of West Nally) is the powerhouse driving the sport, having
previously brokered some of the most influential marketing deals in the history of sports and demonstrated a propensity for technology-driven innovations that challenge the status quo.

The launch is the culmination of 7 years of match play and testing around the world. The sport has reached the highest
standards of recognition with Observer status granted by GAISF and growing community of National federations. Patrick said, “The IFMP team is delighted that after all the years of hard work to establish Match Poker as a genuine sport we can now start building global community for this exciting mind sport”.

Six teams will unite next Tuesday in a stunning riverside venue in Henley-on-Thames to compete in a friendly tournament to celebrate the launch. Teams from Hong Kong, Switzerland, Taiwan, Poland and current World Champions, Ukraine, will join the UK team.
You can watch the launch event online at from 12:30pm BST to 14:00pm BST.

Additional information:
The International Federation of Match Poker highlights:
• Formally recognised as a sport
• WADA compliant
• Observer Member of GAISF
• Mind sport in an E-Sports wrapper
• Played digitally with full transparency


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Hong Kong’s High Profile Celebrity Match Poker Team is Ready to Compete!

Team Hong Kong, being represented by the Match Poker Hong Kong Sports Federation (Operated by Hong Kong Game Club, HKGC), to participate the 2021 Nations Cup Qualifiers from Asia, will be comprised of:


Ricky Wai Ki Cheung (Team Captain) – also known as the God Father of Poker in Hong Kong by TV media. Ricky is pioneer of poker in Hong Kong and the founder of Hong Kong Game Club (HKGC) which has been promoting poker and hosting poker tournaments in HK for 14 years since 2007. He is also the owner of the biggest poker club (5,000 sqf) in HK: Heart Spade Diamond Club for 12 years. Ricky also owns a poker society in Hong Kong Open University. HKGC partnered with the biggest organisation in Japan named All Japan Poker Championship (AJPC) since 2018. Ricky signed with Asia Poker League (APL) as their Ambassador since 2019. HKGC signed with Hong Kong TV Station (TVB) to produce 2 Seasons of “Celebrities Poker Show”. HKGC is the only legal Poker Organisation in HK approved by the Communication Authority of HK. A poker YouTuber since 2019. A cash game player for 18 years. Started to play live tournaments around Asia since 2018, have won 5 trophies and 30 ITMs finishes.


Kathy Yang Kam Tong – is the President of Hong Kong Women’s Poker Association. She has 4 years experience in live poker tournaments in Asia, she played in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. She is also a cash game player in Hong Kong for 4 years and Ambassador of Celebrities Poker Show of TVB. She was the champion of AJPC Incheon 2018 No Limit Hold’em and has 16 ITM finishes in 2018.


Eric Wailey Kwok – 47 years old, he is a famous music producer & artist. Co-captain of Match Poker Hong Kong Team. Producer and host of the first Cantonese celebrities poker show on YouTube: “Round Table Poker”. Started playing poker in 2004. Love the excitement of bluffing and hero calling. Love the observation of players while playing poker on the table.


Wilfred Lau Ho Lung – 44 years old, he is a famous movie artist and singer. Co-captain of Match Poker Hong Kong Team. Producer and host of the first Cantonese celebrities poker show on YouTube: “Round Table Poker”. Experienced poker player for 16 years. Learn the game of poker in 2004 while playing with some friends at home.


JW, Wong Ho Yee – She is a famous singer & movie actress, learnt playing poker with her friends during secondary school, then started playing regularly with friends just for fun!


Gary Chun Hei Lai – 23 years old, Team Pro of HKGC. He has came across poker in 2019. His first time playing poker was at the University Poker League held by HKGC at Open University of Hong Kong.


Ray Kin Wing Ng – He is a Esports manager, grew up learning to play competitive games with his friends. Ray has been working in the esports industry for the last 6 years and started playing poker in 2018.