Team Spain is Coming to Ukraine!

The Spanish national Match Poker team that will participate in the European Nations Cup is as follows:

Cesar Garrido – 41 years old. Involved in many different areas regarding poker. He has worked as a tournament director, written poker articles, occasional TV commentator and along with captain Yossi Obadia, have developed both, a method to play the final eight in a poker tournament in a best-of-3 heads up knockout stages, and also a heads Up tournament with best-of-x format, combining Swiss system and knockout stages, in order to reduce luck and favour skills. Loves mathematics, statistics and fast mental calculus.

Laura Gallardo Ribot – Born in Barcelona on August 12, 1987. Chess player until age 23, when she changed the board and the pieces for the mat and poker chips. This resulted in winning the Ladies Event of the EPT in 2014, a FT in the 2015 Spanish Poker Championship in Barcelona and in the WSOP of Marrakech. She loves to travel, play sports and live life to its fullest.

David Lebron – Born on 01/12/78. Professional beach volleyball player, who changed the sand for business and poker. He likes to play both cash and live tournaments.

Yossi Obadia – Captain of the Spanish team. Financial advisor/gemologist and pilot. At the moment mostly involved in real estate business. He was, together with Juan Manuel Pastor, a Spanish TV commentator for EPT and WSOP tournaments for several years. He also wrote many poker articles and a book on poker from a very personal perspective and lifelong poker career.

Jose Luis Puente (Amavis) – 38 years old, lawyer, politician and a very passionate poker player. He likes to play both cash and tournaments and has been playing frequently for the last 10 years.

Nabil Abdien Cardoso – 28 years old, loves to travel and try out local foods wherever he goes. Loves to combine his passion for poker with travelling as much as he can.

Juan Manuel Pastor – 51 years old, President of the Spanish national federation. He has been involved in the poker industry for the last 20 years in many different areas: consultant, entrepreneur, professional poker player, etc.

Team Lithuania is ready for the European Nations Cup in Kyiv, Ukraine!

The Lithuanian National Match Poker Team, represented by Sportinio pokerio klubas “Du Karaliai”, comprises of:

Skirmantas Tomkevičius – the President of National Federation of Poker of Lithuania.

Mantas Urbonas

Poker professional from Panevėžys, now resides in Vilnius. Mantas is also the owner and manager of the football team Top Kicker’s. He started playing poker 10 years ago, and his best achievement is last year’s 4th place at Battle of Malta winning 120,000 EUR. Ranks 31st in Lithuania by live earnings. Mantas was born on 1987/06/22 and he is the youngest member of the team.

Erikas Zukas

He is the youngest member of the national team, eager to learn and understand other players – once Erikas has won a tournament without even looking at his own cards!

Laimutis Kalvelis

He was born on 1970/06/26. He is pretty successful in federation tournaments and has won two of them since 2012. Works as a CEO in a company taking care of houses in the city. Was born and lives in Vilnius.

Diana Dvelienė

She was born 1976/11/09 in Kaunas. She lives there and together with her husband, who is also a poker player in the federation, runs their own plants growing business. Does not play often in any live tournaments, but if she does, finishes in the money.

Arūnas Valentavičius

He was born on 1975/09/25 and is a retired solder of the Lithuanian army. Plays only in federation tournaments.

Dainius Ulkė

He was born in Biržai, but since early days lives in Vilnius, works in IT sector since 1994. One of the most stable players in the federation.

Qualification structure was the following

Top 6 players of each year from 2013-2018 of the national federation’s annual rankings were able to play in the qualification tournaments to get into the national team. Three tournaments were held (6-max, Turbo, Deep Freeze-out) to determine 6 or 7 winners. Two tournaments were won by Mindaugas Jonuškis and one by Mantas Urbonas. The tournaments took two days to complete and the national team was created.

Team Estonia’s National Match Poker Team announced for the European Championships in Ukraine

Estonian National Match Poker Team

The Estonian national team that will participate in the Match Poker European Nations Cup, to be held in Ukraine, will consist of the same individuals who competed in this sporting format also in 2012-2013. Back then, they won the preliminary round of the European Nations Cup and achieved fifth place at the European Championships in Cyprus. Despite their great tournament experience, all members of the Estonian teams are still amateur players!

Henri Käsper

One of Estonia’s best known poker players whose earnings from live tournaments exceed half a million dollars and who can boast with four individual Estonian champion titles. As a successful public relations manager, he has taken poker into the media, shaped its reputation, and engaged thousands of new players. At the table, Henri’s main virtues are his vast experience and the ability to read his opponents.

Laur Sibold

Wonderful player, characterised by his good sense of humour as well as bold actions even in the most difficult situations. Although Laur is mainly known as a showman and event organiser, he has also become Estonian poker champion and won tens of thousands of Euros at live tournaments. We could also let you in on the secret that he is quite the expert in heads-up and the short-handed game. Mostly, he joins the table to enjoy good vibes and nice company.

Herli Olop

One of this decade’s most valued poker persons in Estonia, active in both the OlyBet poker room and the games portal This means that he knows poker through and through as a player (he is also a two times poker champion of Estonia) and as an organiser. In poker, Herli values both good company and interesting game situations. At the table, he does not ask for too much attention but could always make it quite far!

Marko Kolk

Mathematician who has stood out not only in poker, but also in other thinking games. For several years, nothing could be heard of this colourful old-timer… Until in 2016, he won two tournaments in one night at the Estonian championships of online poker and, naturally, also won the Player of the Year title at the championships. Marko is sneaky and a bit unusual, he is not easy to read.

Kelly Limonova

Entrepreneur, living in Spain, who became one of Estonia’s brightest poker stars at the beginning of this decade. Her success and the title of the female player of the year 2011 was achieved thanks to her “unwomanly” – aggressive, fierce and daring – playing style which made Kelly an uncomfortable opponent to all of her competitors. Kelly actively plays poker also today and her tirelessness, patriotism and sociability make this woman one of the pillars of the Estonian national team.

Katti Järvsoo

Tough athlete who enjoys competing and participates in tournaments with great passion and enthusiasm. It is her great will to win that has allowed her to become a strong poker player and no matter how difficult the situation is, she will not give up! Katti has been successful on several different tournaments, she has also become the Estonian champion and won the title of the Estonian Female Player of the Year.

Marek Reinaas

President of the Estonian Tournament Poker Federation since 2010. He is a successful businessman who is known in Estonia also as a columnist, presenter, and politician. As Marek is amazing at communication and has a good intellectual sense of humour, whatever he says or writes always gets lots of attention. Tournament poker is one of Marek’s many hobbies and presumably he is strongest as a team player.

The national team’s support person is Tanel Reisi, board member of the ETPF, who has been one of the main leaders of Estonian poker in the recent years. Tanel will not be playing at the Match Poker European Nations Cup but he shall be observing everything from behind the scenes, helping our players as he can, and also shaking hands with the other competitors, as a sign of good will.

The Danish Match Poker Team is Ready for Ukraine!

Introducing the National Match Poker Team of Denmark that will participate in the 2019 European Nations Cup in Kyiv, Ukraine next month:

Malene Frejvald

39, recreational player

Hometown: Frederiksværk, DK

Profession: Physiotheurapic masseur

Nickname: Frejbassen

Has been playing poker for 15 years. Loves to play QQ and K10 suited. Most of the time she plays in their local club in Frederiksvaerk (John Tøms Poker) – but also play larger tournaments in Denmark – Rozvadov (Czech Republic) and Las Vegas (US).

Lene Olsen

60, recreational player

Hometown: Havdrup, DK

Profession: Medical secretary

Played poker just over 15 years, plays mostly in Denmark, Rozvadov (Czech Republic) and Las Vegas (US).

Jesper Røygaard

46, recreational player

Hometown: Ringsted

Nickname: Sputnik

Call sign sputnik..

“Sometimes i play tight, Sometimes very loose” – Mostly play in Denmark and a little in Sweden – I have played for 20 years

Love to play JT, and hate to play JJ

Zoran Sajn

52, recreational player

Hometown: Frederiksværk, DK

Profession: Translator

Nickname: Bockule

Played poker just over 30 years, plays mostly in Denmark, but has also played a bit in Sweden, Germany and Serbia.

My favorite hand is: 6-3 off.

Kim Olsen

57, recreational player

Profession: Retired soldier

Hometown: Slagelse, DK

Nickname: DJKIO62

Played poker just over 20 years, plays mostly in Denmark, Rozvadov, Spain, UK and Las Vegas.

Knud Adelstorp

55, recreational player

Profession: CEO

Hometown: Copenhagen, DK

Nickname: LEGO

Played poker for 25 year, played poker in Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republik, Spain, Ireland and UK.

Favorite hand: 96 suited in spade.

Henrik Olsen

55, recreational player

Profession: Personal helper

Hometown: Slagelse, DK

Nickname: Dotplaza/Potplaza

I first started playing poker during the “poker boom” in 2005 where I managed to come in 3rd at 888 majors two weeks in a row for about £5,000 both times. Otherwise in terms of placement, it is my 17th place at the Danish National Championship the following year.

John Petersen

Profession: Retired teacher

Hometown: Frederiksværk, DK

Nickname: sakulenil/Vegas Star/John Toems

Played poker in 15 years, mostly tournaments. I have played/won poker tournaments in Denmark, Riga, Latvia, San Giljan, Malta, Rozvadov, Dublin, Ireland, Las Vegas, and Malaga and made FT on a Poker cruise DK/Norway.

“Owner” of a legal pokerclub in Frederiksværk (John Tøms Poker)


The Polish Team is Ready for the European Championships

The National Match Poker team of Poland will comprise of the following individuals:



Born 10/03/1990, works as a corporate junior lawyer. Used to play Texas Hold’em live and online tournaments along with cash games on a regular basis, however for the last 3 years has been focusing on her professional career. A member of the Polish National Poker Team in the European Nations Cup in Cyprus, 2013.



Chef in a restaurant and a passionate gourmet by day, competition and rivalry enthusiast by night. E-sports, fantasy football games, party games, poker – you name it, he’s anywhere you can compete with others and take risks. Has been playing for the Polish National Poker Team since 2010, for an impressive period of nine years. Winner of two local large scale Polish tournaments (Championship of Mazowieckie & Łódzkie Voivodeship).



Born 1989/08/12. Represented Poland in four international matches. Works in a local government in Mogilno. Social activist and book lover.



Captain of the Polish National Poker Team from the very beginning of its existence. A proud co-creator of the team’s success that manifested by winning the vast majority of its international matches. Privately, a happy husband and father.



31 years old. On a daily basis manages early notification of risk in the supply chain in “risk methods” company. Won a county tournament in Gliwice after qualifying online organized by Full Tilt Poker. After joining the Polish National Poker Team, he has never lost a heads-up game.



33 years old. Happy husband and father, fanatic gamer & passionate poker player. Unstoppable, lucky as hell and hard to beat – deal with it!

This Polish team will participate at the European Nations Cup in Match Poker in Kyiv, Ukraine from 24-27 September 2019 and attempt to win the Championship along with their spot in the World Nations Cup Finals being held in Lima, Peru in early December!