Oxford – 6th December 2017

Ireland won the International Federation of Match Poker Nations Cup after seeing off the challenge of second placed Italy and third placed Spain in the final which capped three days of intensive high-level play Eynsham Hall, Oxfordshire.

The tournament brought together some of the world’s leading match poker players representing eight nations along with a ‘Digital Nation’ invitational team.

Aside from the top three, The UK, India and Digital Nation qualified for the final session with Germany, Austria and Mexico failing to make the cut.

The Nations Cup is the leading international tournament organised by the International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP) which was granted Observer Status of the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) earlier this year.

Match Poker was devised and developed by IFMP as a team-based mind sport where the element of chance inherent in the “random draw of cards” has been removed. There is no gambling in Match Poker and the sport is available to players of all ages and genders worldwide.

IFMP has successfully developed the Match Poker technology including innovative use of smartphones in game-play and administration, making Match Poker a true 21st century mind sport.

Patrick Nally, President of IFMP, said the Nations Cup tournament was a significant milestone in the development of the sport.

“The tournament reflected how far we have come in every respect,” he said.

“The atmosphere created by the camaraderie among players from all over the world who were happy to compete for the honour of representing the countries was simply outstanding. Together with the levels of skills and commitment of the players this made for an event which celebrated all that is best in sport.”

The Nations Cup trophy was presented to Ireland captain Andy Black – also the tournament’s top player- at a dinner at Balliol College, Oxford.

“My thanks go to all the players and everybody involved in making this a milestone event,” said Patrick Nally.

IFMP plans to make the Nations Cup an annual event contested by the winners of regional contests in Asia, The Americas and Europe.

Austrian Poker Sport Association Invitational 2015

The Austrian Poker Sport Association held its inaugural invitational meeting and tournament last month.

More than 30 representatives of Austrian poker clubs and media attended.

President Martin Sturc commenced with a presentation of the upcoming projects of the Association which include a campaign to shift the public’s perception of poker more towards mind games.

He also introduced the new national team coaches, two of Austria’s most successful online players.

President Sturc emphasized that the Austrian Poker Sport Association and the Poker Clubs have to continue working together in order to create a positive future for the mind sport of Poker in Austria.

In the following discussion the representatives had a chance to ask questions and give feedback on the current situation and offer their wishes for the future.

Following a lunch all attending had a chance to prove their poker skills to the new national team coaches in a double shoot-out tournament which was won by Andreas Schwaiger, a former winner of the Austrian Poker Masters.


These are not wrinkles, it is a sixpack from thinking!


Poland vs Lithuania – Round Two

On 11th April 2015 the Polish sports poker team (Tabu sponsored Poland Team) was defeated 122-98 in the second leg of a friendly match by the national poker team of Lithuania.

The event took place in the Hit Kasino at Krucza Street in Warsaw, Poland.

The Polish team consisted of 12 players and the Lithuanian team of 6 players.

The first six Polish players (beginners) – supported by captain Michal Panek – was defeated by the Lithuanians 24 to 86.

The second six Polish players defeated their Lithuanian opponents  74 to 36.

In the opinion of the training staff of the Polish National Federation, final result of 122 to 98 for Lithuania is quite positive in preparation for the World Championship later this year.

Lithuania was captained by their National Federation president Skirmantas Tomkevicius.

Previously on 21st  March 2011 in Vilnius, Lithuania – the Polish team defeated the Lithuanians 163-125.

The Poker Sports Association is the only legal representative of the sports poker in Poland.

Its purpose is to promote the idea of competition and to create the best team for all kind of poker matches.

Lietuvos Sportinio Pokerio Federacija is the only governing body for the sport of poker in Lithuania.

The Lithuanian team is created by selecting the best (according to national LSPF rankings) players from the year 2014.

IFP would like to congratulate the Lithuanians on their victory and encourage all our members to organise and play amongst themselves!