Players from around the world are set to battle it out in the Match Poker Online World Cup in the coming days – with plenty of bragging rights and cash prizes on the line. The event brings some international prestige to the popular poker app and features players who have competed in Match Poker Online throughout the year.

A few hundred players are now eligible to compete with the Playoffs set for Dec. 3-4 with the Finals on Dec. 10-11. U.S players compete Dec. 2-3 with the Finals on Dec. 9-10. The winner of the Ruby division, the top competition, will be crowned the overall World Cup champion and takes home $625 in cash. The top three competitors in all four divisions also receive cash prizes.

Match Poker features competitors playing the same hands across the platform. Players can work on their skills by comparing their own play and decisions to others around the world who have played exactly the same hand.

When playing Match Poker, you’re not just competing against the players at your table, but against players seated at other tables in the same seat you are. The app is cutting edge and packed with high-tech features, statistics, excellent graphics, and exciting gameplay.

A Look at Some of the Top Competitors

After plenty of betting and bluffing, qualifying players now have a chance to prove their mettle against some of the best. The World Cup action will feature players from around the world. Here’s a look at a few of the top qualifiers.

  • Avishek Behera (Odisha, India) – The 20-year-old loves to work on his poker skills using the app.
  • Peter-John Rodriguez (Barbados) – This player ranks No. 3 overall on the Match Poker Online platform.
  • Michael Cheung (Hong Kong) – He loves the Battle Royale and believes his play on the site has helped with his game at the live poker tables.
  • Terry Fitzgerald (Sydney, Australia) – The 55-year-old loves the game’s quick pace and is ready for the World Cup to get started.

Those who haven’t qualified can still get in the action via the app with the hope of qualifying for the 2023 World Cup!


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