Serbian Poker League 2014

IFP’s Serbian member nation, Poker Savez Srbije (PSS), has launched the poker league of Serbia for 2014.

Supported by their sponsors – BalkanPokerStar, Poker Savez Srbije have organized 7 Tournaments (from 10th to 16th March) plus 1 Final Tournament, which is part of the European Poker Tour Vienna. The best ranked player will participate in this competition – the European Poker Tour in Vienna.

For future competitions, they have scheduled the Spring, Summer and Autumn leagues. The finalists of these leagues will join Poker Team Serbia, that will represent their country at international competitions organized by IFP.

Alongside the Serbian Poker League, they will host an “Open Poker School”, with more than 300 online poker tournaments, for all members willing to upgrade their skills needed for success in the game of poker!