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2019 European Nations Cup Round Up

Current Match Poker World Champions, Ukraine, played host to the 2019 European Nations Cup after their incredible debut performance in Dublin at the 2018 Nations Cup where they managed to dethrone the Irish on home soil to become gold medalists. The European championships this year sees 13 nations come together to determine who will join […]

The Serbians are Aiming at Top 6 and Peruvian Dreams!

Being amongst IFMP’s stronger national federations, Team Serbia will be eager to make their performance in international competitions match their local structure and secure their spot in Peru. Vladimir Bozinovic – 30 year old poker player from Serbia. Started playing poker back in 2006, turned pro a few years later. Mostly playing cash games, but […]

A Revamped UK Team Looking to Impress in Kyiv

Tony Dobbie – Seasoned international marketeer. Passionate about keeping fit and cooking. Determined to learn something new with every game of poker. Perfected ‘Poker face’ by telling his children about Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. Jon Theobald – Normally found in the photographers pit at rock concerts, Jon is also a licensed drone pilot […]

The Hungarians are Eager to Make their Mark in Kyiv

The Hungarian National Match Poker team for the 2019 European Nations Cup in Kyiv is: Bianka Breda – Hungarian R’n’B DJ and amateur poker player. She’s playing poker for fun both live and online, but don’t misjudge her. Poker is in her blood. Marcell Réti – Sport promoter and hobby poker player. He’s a cash […]