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IFP welcomes Montenegrin member nation

The Montenegrin Poker Association was formed on 5th August 2013 and officially became a member of the International Federation of Poker (IFP) on 4th September 2013. The IFP promotes poker and its Match Poker variation as a game of skill and as a mind sport. Having evolved from its original seven member nations to more […]

Interesting hands of the ANC – 5/5

Larger than life and greater than mountains In perhaps the ‘hand of the tournament’ we see how very differently teams play exactly the same cards. Garth Kay of Australia (here winning one of the biggest single pots of the event with his pocket rockets in seat 4) probably wasn’t too thrilled about having multiple opponents […]

Interesting hands of the ANC – 4/5

Quads Baby, Yeah You don’t hit quads often, and it seems that when you do, it is best to be playing against Mongolia. Ace-seven is a raggedy old hand to see a flop with, but it paid off big time for Japan and Singapore in this hand.Four teams also managed modest wins with the pocket […]

Interesting hands of the ANC – 3/5

When monsters meet While we have already seen total team chip scores ranging by over 30000 chips in a single hand, here is an example of a range of just 400.  Since players are completely isolated from their team mates and play at other tables, it is impossible to know by how much their own […]

Interesting hands of the ANC – 2/5

Everyone loves a flush draw In an unusual situation here where seats 2, 3 and 4 all flop a diamond flush draw (seat 2 also with top pair), we see five of the eight teams getting it all-in bad. Sometimes a flush draw, especially a nut flush draw as in seat 3, is just too […]