Austrian Federation launches a new Membership Model

The Austrian Pokersport Association (APSA), IFP’s Austrian member nation,  has launched a new membership model. They have now actually “opened their doors” to all individual players.

Till last year only poker clubs and their members could join the Austrian federation. This year they founded the “Digital Poker Club” which serves as the governing body for all individual players who do not have a physical poker club in their territory. The APSA did this in order to raise the number of members and represent a larger number of players.

All Austrian poker players now have the option to chose between four different levels of membership:

  • The “Regular Membership” is free and offers access to their rules, newsletter, and a poker tutorial for beginners as well as free online training tournaments.
  • As a “Basic Member” (24 € p.a.) you can participate in live tournaments such as the Poker-Bundesliga, Austrian Poker Masters, etc.
  • The “Classic Membership” is an upgrade (60 € p.a.) and allows to participate in weekly ranking tournaments and the opportunity to qualify for a seat in the national team.
  • The “Platinum Membership” is for all patrons and benefactors of APSA activities. They get honorary memberships for a arbitrary fee starting at € 120 p.a.

IFP fully supports the Austrian Pokersport Association and its efforts in representing poker players in Austria.