2013 Asian Nations Cup: Day 1 underway

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In the Lion’s Den

It is unthinkable to begin play without first being sent off with a blessing from the host  – much to many players’ big surprise a loud “gong” sent two Chinese lions onto the floor in a wild dance for luck and good fortune, just as Tournament Director Robert Huxley started briefing the team captains on general rules and conditions of play.

anc-day1-152For each session players will be competing over 30 hands followed by a break and another session of 30 hands. During the breaks teams will get a chance to discuss and strategize making the competition a real team effort.

Day 1 consists of 4 sessions, two before lunch and two after lunch. Seating is changed between morning and afternoon sessions, so we will see four different seating configurations over these two days of play.

So, the question everybody as asking is which teams are likely to come out on top? One thing which is likely to happen is that our prediction will be wrong! Some teams are featuring very experienced and successful individuals while others are virtually blank sheets when it comes to international poker competitions and results.  However, if cashes in major poker tournaments are any indicator of success – or at least experience – Australia come out on top with live cashes of more than $1.5 million. Spearheaded by Julius Colman who jumped onto the world stage in 2007 with a deep finish in the Aussie Millions, the Aussies have brought in a very experienced team and they will have to accept the burden of being the favorites to take home the trophy.

Other teams are very keen on proving this prediction wrong. Israel, India as well as the hosts from China all have collective live cashes of more than $300,000, but also Singapore and Japan can display noteworthy results from mostly Asian poker tournaments. The only squad without a public track record is the team from Mongolia, and we are very excited to see if they can surprise and challenge the pre-game favorites.

Feel free to click through the gallery for a presentation of the teams participating.