2013 Asian Nations Cup: Day 2, Session 2

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Home field advantage

The field of teams and players have now played 75% of the hands and are off to a lunch break. They will now get a chance to go through the re-player when they come back and adjust play if they believe it necessary. Australia has had quite a negative outcome of the most recent session and China has brought themselves in a very favourable position for the Championship. In the middle of the pack a fierce fight is about to unfold to secure a spot in the Nations Cup Final.

Standings after 180 hands:

Position Nation 6th Session Points Change
1st China 850.5 =
2nd Australia 825.5 =
3rd Singapore 821 =
4th CPG 820.5 =
5th Israel 809.5
6th India 799
7th Japan 773 =
8th Mongolia 740.5 =

Action from table 5

anc-day2-2Let’s take a look at table 5, hand #158

Zang Shu Nu folds UTG, Izzy Kranz raises to 150 followed by folds around to CPG’s Fu Jun in the BB who finds the calling chips. The flop opens with 5h Js Ac followed by check-check. The turn is 4s, Fu Jun checks again, Izzy bets 350. After a minute’s pause Fu Jun min-raises to 700, Izzy folds.

Same table, hand #162

Hadas Wilf folds UTG as does Fu Jun, China’s Zang Shu Nu raises to 150. Izzy on the button folds. Singapore’s Lin Min Soon pauses in the SB, finds a re-raise to 500, Zang calls. The flops comes out 10s 6d 10c. Lin continues with a bet of 600, Zang calls. The turn brings the Js, check-check. The river is the Jd. Lin bets 750, Zang calls. Lin tables pocket aces, “nice hand” says Zang and flashes the Ac.

Standings after 170 hands:

Position Nation 6th Session Points Change
1st China 800.5 =
2nd Australia 774 =
3rd Singapore 774 =
4th CPG 760.5
5th India 757
6th Israel 756.5
7th Japan 739 =
8th Mongolia 686.5 =

Back to play

anc-day2-0609After a short break teams are back to session 6 of ANC’s final day.

There are three more sessions to play today before IFP officially announces the winner of its first Asian Nations Cup. Four teams in total will qualify for the world’s Finals. Team CPG won’t be able to progress.

Standings after 160 hands:

Position Nation 6th Session Points Change
1st China 749.5
2nd Australia 746
3rd Singapore 730.5
4th Israel 717.5
5th CPG 712.5 =
6th India 703.5 =
7th Japan 695 =
8th Mongolia 669.5 =