2013 Asian Nations Cup: Day 1, Session 4

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Mongolia fighting back

anc-day1-075539Table 1, hand #109.

Action is folded to Asi Moshe in seat 5 who finds the calling chips, Yang follows suit in seat 6, Bold Uundai raises to 200 on the button. Sangeeth Mohan calls from the SB as do both Asi and Yang. The flop comes out 9d 10s 2h. Check-check is followed by a 600 bet from Yang. Bold finds a raise to 2,000 and Yang immediately announces all-in, Bold calls. Hands revealed: Yang is ahead with Q 10, Bold is holding 10 8, no flush draws. The turn brings a queen leaving Bold with extremely slim chances to catch up, he needs a jack and a jack only. The river – a jack!! Mongolia makes a dent in the Chinese lead.

Play is almost coming to an end for day 1, most of the players have headed for dinner, and we will be rounding off the Day 1 action in our next update.

Standings after 120 hands:

Position Nation 4th Session Points Change
1st Australia 580
2nd China 577
3rd CPG 544.5
4th Israel 543
5th Singapore 537
6th Japan 514 =
7th India 504
8th Mongolia 484.5

A minute with Joe Barnard

Standings after 110 hands:

Position Nation 4th Session Points Change
1st China 542 =
2nd Australia 530 =
3rd Singapore 499 =
4th CPG 498
5th Israel 496.5
6th Japan 473.5
7th Mongolia 461.5
8th India 459.5

A minute with Joe Barnard

anc-day1-5220As a relatively new format and technology the Match Poker concept is under constant scrutiny and always in the process of improving. After a hectic start to the day we found a more relaxed “COO” Joe Barnard in the corner of the room with a bottle of water in his hand, catching a moment for himself. Guess we ruined that moment when we asked him a couple of questions:

Your immediate thoughts on the event today? “This is living and breathing proof that poker is a sport.” On the question of where Joe has seen the most important improvements since the European nations Cup in Cyprus Joe replies “improved and faster technology, pot-limit preflop, shorter sessions with no substitutions, multiple seat draws from session to session, mood of the staff and in particular for the teams and their players a much better service in shape of frequent and actual standings and stats made available for analysis”.

Standings after 100 hands:

Position Nation 4th Session Points Change
1st China 492 =
2nd Australia 476 =
3rd Singapore 458
4th Israel 455.5
5th CPG 455 =
6th India 425.5
7th Japan 425
8th Mongolia 413 =