2013 Asian Nations Cup: Day 1, Session 3

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Leaders locking horns

anc-day1-065724Hand 86, Table 1:

China’s Yang Chong Xian UTG raises to 175 and action is folded to Australia’s Queenie in the SB who calls followed by another call from Israel’s Asi Moshe in the BB. Flop comes 4c Jh 9s. Queenie leads out with a bet of 700, Asi folds, Yang calls. The turn reveals Jc, Queenie continues with a bet of 1,600, Yang calls. The river is 8d. Queenie triple barrels with a bet of 3,000. After a second or two Yang moves all-in, and Queenie tanks. Eventually she says “I don’t think you have a jack” and calls the all-in. She was right and wrong at the same time. Yang did not have the jack but his pocket pair of 10s was enough to beat the Aussie’s K8 and he scoops a nice pot for the home team.

Standings after 90 hands:

Position Nation 3rd Session Points Change
1st China 432
2nd Australia 422
3rd Israel 411.5 =
4th Singapore 407
5th CPG 403
6th Japan 393
7th India 388.5
8th Mongolia 383

Australia back on top

After briefly conceding the top rank to the host from China the Aussie team has retaken the lead by a mule’s hair.

Standings after 80 hands:

Position Nation 3rd Session Points Change
1st Australia 380
2nd China 379.5
3rd Israel 377 =
4th India 352.5
5th Singapore 352
6th Mongolia 347.5
7th CPG 346.5
8th Japan 345 =

More on points


As mentioned in an earlier post the points system rewards first the team’s relative performance based on their total score in a hand by ranking it 1st through 8th, crediting the hand winners 8 points and the biggest losers just 1 point. That makes the average score in a hand 4.5 points and logically by the end of the competition the average score will be 240 hands * 4.5 = 1,080 points, making that the probable threshold for each team as half the field will qualify for the Nations Cup Final.

There is a lot of play left and there will be plenty of opportunities to catch up to the current leaders. After day 1 the team captains will be provided with full stats on today’s action so they can analyze and strategize before the final run tomorrow Sunday.

Standings after 70 hands:

Position Nation 3rd Session Points Change
1st China 336.5
2nd Australia 332.5
3rd Israel 324.5 =
4th Singapore 319 =
5th India 306 =
6th CPG 302
7th Mongolia 300.5
8th Japan 299