2013 Asian Nations Cup: Day 1, Session 2

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Players to follow

anc-day1-0105While some of the participants may be unknown to the public, a good handful will be worth mentioning for their previous results in other poker events. We have already highlighted Julius Colman and David Borg – of the entire field the two of them have cashed for almost $1,5 million. From India Abhishek Goindi will remember a heads’up battle for almost $300,000 against China’s Nicky Jin, a fight he lost to the Chinese pro back in 2012 – and here they are now, competing for their nation’s pride and participation in the Nations Cup Final!

Back in 2011 at the first ever IFP individual World Championship “The Table”, Japan’s Kinichi Nakata finished 9th overall and cashed $10,000. He has already shown his strength and finished the first 30 hands session second overall individually and will be one to keep an eye on for the MVP title.

Standings after 60 hands:

Position Nation Chips 2nd Session Points Change
1st Australia +2854 297.5 =
2nd China +36525 285.5 =
3rd Israel +14629 276.5 =
4th Singapore -12761 273.5
5th India +122 269.5
6th Mongolia -12904 254.5 =
7th Japan -12975 252
8th CPG -15489 251

Movers and shakers

Standings after 50 hands:

Position Nation Chips 2nd Session Points Change
1st Australia +27193 264.5 =
2nd China +27571 236 =
3rd Israel +2054 224.5
4th India +122 269.5
5th CPG +13661 216.5
6th Mongolia -16668 215
7th Singapore -31893 214
8th Japan -14414 206 =

Australia takes a hit


While play has been keeping up pace on most tables, one is trailing a notch. On table 1 Australia’s David Borg seems a tad impatient, commenting on how tough the table is playing. Immediately after we follow hand #33 play out:
David Borg UTG raises to 150, A fold from Fu Jun and Stas Tishkevich is followed by a re-raise from Daniel Chua to 525. Japan’s Kinichi Nakata calls from the SB, Harsh Saraf folds in the BB, David Borg calls. Three players to the flop, a total of 1,625 in the pot.
The flop comes 5h Kd 9s David checks, Daniel bets 975. Kinichi folds, David calls. The turn brings 8c. David checks, Daniel bets 1,975, and David immediately announces “all-in!” Daniel quickly calls generating a frustrated sigh from David “you must be good”. Smartphones on their back (!), David is holding KJh but Daniel has flopped top two pairs with Kc 9h. The Queen on the river brings no help for David and Australia takes a hit.

Standings after 40 hands:

Position Nation Chips 2nd Session Points Change
1st Australia +11443 205.5
2nd China +3846 147.5
3rd Singapore -68 182
4th Israel +2579 179.5
5th Mongolia -2568 178
6th India -16928 175
7th CPG +7269 170 =
8th Japan -5564 164 =