2013 Asian Nations Cup: Day 1, Session 1

How do you score?

anc-day1-4979You will notice that we display two scores, one for overall chip gain or loss and one for the team points won. The latter is the one which is determining the eventual ranking, but the chip count can come into play as a tie breaker.

For every hand played, a team will have played all 6 positions and will compare their net chip gain or loss as a team against the other teams. The winner of the hand will be awarded 8 points, 2nd place 7 points and so forth. The team with the worst performance in the hand will be awarded 1 point. If two or more teams get the same chip result they will share the points in play, i.e. if three teams share 2nd place they will share 6+5+4 points, giving them each 5 points.

Standings after 30 hands:

Position Nation Chips 1st Session Points Change
1st Mongolia +26132 149
2nd Australia +318 147.5
3rd China -8854 139
4th India -8703 138 =
5th Singapore -3043 132
6th Israel -4846 129.5
7th CPG -839 125
8th Japan -164 120 =

It is For Real Now!

anc-day1-021913As the scores have started to count and the tally has started to run on the monitors displayed throughout the playing area, the participants have started out quite concentrated. The scope of this grand championship is making an impact on most. One exception seems to be at Table 6 where Singapore’s Jacky Wang and India’s Sangeeth Mohan are chatting it up and spreading laughter around the felt. At table 3 Australia’s Queenie Kwan Yee Kim called a river bluff by Japan’s Tsuneaki Takeda and has likely added to a positive score for the Aussies.

Here are the current standings after 20 hands:

Position Nation Chips 1st Session Points Change
1st Australia +8243 103.5 =
2nd Mongolia +50232 102 =
3rd Israel -2621 95
4th India -5928 94
5th China -13379 86.5
6th CPG -9439 82
7th Singapore -18568 82
8th Japan -8539 75

Asian Nations Cup started

Players have had a healthy practice session, and the competition is now underway, 6-handed on 8 tables. Play has been swift and smooth and Robert Huxley is optimistic about getting through all 120 hands without delay. We will be updating you throughout the session with updates every 10 hands.

Here are the current standings after the first 10 hands:

Position Nation Chips 1st Session Points Change
1st Australia +19675 58 =
2nd Mongolia +21868 49 =
3rd CPG +3736 46 =
4th Israel -12332 44 =
5th Japan +4950 42 =
6th India -7778 42 =
7th China -10750 41 =
8th Singapore -19368 38 =