2013 Asian Nations Cup: Day 2, Session 4

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Who will be Asia’s team poker champion?

anc-day1-134Play is coming to an end, in just a few hands’ time the winning team will be determined. Who will be taking Asian Nations Cup’s the trophy home? Who will be crowned as the tournament’s best individual player? Who are the best players of each eight sessions?

We will keep the suspense until the gala dinner and the award ceremony where trophies and medals will be awarded to the best players and teams. Not until then will it be revealed which teams have qualified for the Nations Cup Final – and the grand moment awaits when we will celebrate the Asian Nations Cup Champions!

Stay tuned for a final wrap up later tonight. A couple of highlight videos and interviews will be shortly available as well as IFP’s re-players and an ind-depth Match Poker analysis of the Asian Nations Cup.

Final stretch

anc-day2-042630Hand 211, table 7

Last session has started. Results will not be posted until after the last hand has been played out, but we will keep an eye on some of the key players and tables. Mongolia bounced off the last place ranking with an impressive surge and high scores from Temuulen Dashbat sitting at Table 7:

Australia’s Garth kay raises UTG to 175, CPG’s Mo Wei Liang and Temuulen both call as does Sangeeth Mohan in the SB. The flop is 7c 2c 7h. Check-check followed by a bet of 600 from Mo, Garth is the only one to call. The turn is Jc, both players check. The river brings 2h, and the players check it down. Garth is playing the two pairs on the board with an ace kicker but Mo wins with a better two pair holding pocket fives.

Hand 212, table 7

Mo folds UTG, Temuulen calls in 2nd position. Israel’s Hadas Wilf raises to 150 but Sangeeth on the button re-raises to 575 followed by folds around to Temuulen who calls as does Hadas. The flop is Ad 3c 4s and it is checked around to Sangeeth who takes down the pot with a bet of 1,550.

Charging batteries for the final session

Teams are getting together for the last stretch.