2013 Asian Nations Cup: Day 2, Session 1

Australia back on top

anc-day2-0604The battle for first keeps changing. 10 hands ago China held the lead, but the aussies just took it back. Further down Singapore and Israel are consolidating their qualifying positions, and it looks like it is getting closer to crunch time for India and Japan if they are serious about competing for the top spots.

Table 2, hand #138

Action is folded around to Singapore’s Freddy Kwek on the button who raises it to 125. Harsh Saraf folds from the SB, but China’s Ted Wang reraises the pot for an extra 275, Freddy calls. The flop comes 2c 9d Qc, both check. The turn is 3d, Ted leads out with a bet of 600. Freddy raises to a total of 1,900, Ted re-raises to 6,900, Freddy moves all-in and Ted calls. Much to the surprise of the other players Ted reveals Ad Jh for ace-high with no draws, Freddy is ahead with QdJd – and the river brings no help for China and Team Singapore makes a nice score.

Standings after 150 hands:

PositionNation5th Session PointsChange

Mongolia struggles

anc-day2-0607Hand 124, Table 8

Huang Wen Fei folds UTG, Takuya Suzuki in seat 2 raises to 125, it is folded to Daniel Chua who calls from the SB, Bold Uundai calls from the BB.
The flop is dealt – 9c Ks 8c – Daniel checks to Bold who takes the lead with a bet of 575. Takuya folds, Daniel calls. The turn brings 9d, Daniel checks, Bold moves all-in. After a few moments Daniel makes the call and reveals a pair of Queens, Bold is on an open-ended straight draw with 67o which he fails to get when Jd is exposed on the river. Mongolia drops another chunk of chips.

On table 3 we find the current leader in the MVP race Wu Sai, let’s follow the action in hand #133:

In seat 4 Enkhtuvshin Davaasuren from Mongolia raises UTG to 175. Manish Adnani in seat 5 folds, Wu Sai reraises to 600. Gani Weiss on the button folds, Kyle Sharpe folds in the SB as does Kinichi Nakata in the BB. Action back on Enkhtuvshin who re-pots it to a total 2,550. Action back on Wu Sai, who re-repots it for another 3,825, the Mongolian player calls. The flop is Qc 3h 5c. Enkhtuvshin announces all-in, Wu Sai snap-calls. She is way ahead with pocket rockets against Enkhtuvshins 77, and there is no help for him when the 2d appears on the river. Wu Sai with another solid score for herself and Team CPG.

Standings after 140 hands:

PositionNation5th Session PointsChange

Tight fight for fourth

Sanya is a great host of IFP’s first Asian Nations Cup.

Singapore and Israel are making a charge for the qualifying spots.

Standings after 130 hands:

PositionNation5th Session PointsChange

Teams are getting ready

Breakfast time on the final day, the teams are gathering in groups to work out their game plan for the final stretch. We caught up with the Australian team, everybody dressed in uniform, going through the data from Saturday’s sessions. David Borg: “We expect all other teams to be folding to our bets today!” Laughs around the table, team captain Julius Colman adds: “We are proud of Queenie’s performance last night, but most of us had a horrendous performance in session 4 and we are all determined to improve today – go Aussies!”

We also found a few players from Team China, Nicky Jin shared his thoughts with us: “We believe the team as a whole delivered a pretty good performance all day yesterday, and we have high hopes on our chances to win this trophy!”

Huang Bing Fu of the CPG team tongue-in-cheek: “Our main goal today is to take down Team China!” A couple of the players from Team Japan looking seriously focused on their way to the playing area: “We are not content with our current standing and we are making adjustments to our strategy so we can move up and compete for the trophy.”