2013 Asian Nations Cup: Day 1 Summary

ANC Day 1 Wrap Up

anc-day1-134Play has concluded and data has been processed by Joe Barnard. Team captains have received hand histories and stats on all 120 hands played and it is now up to them to analyse and interpret and perhaps make adjustments to their play and strategy.

Before play commenced Mongolia was the only team without a public track record and they tried to turn that into an advantage early on – in particular Bold Uundai was a very active player willing to risk a lot of chips to take down the pots and run over his table. It worked! He performed way above the rest of the field over the first 30 hands and pulled his team clear of the field and into a solid first place. However, it seemed like he ran out of steam going into session 2, the rest of the table picked up on his tendencies and played back, now more willing to take flips and go for the big pots confronting him with less than premium holdings. Mongolia took a virtual rollercoaster ride from top to the very bottom of the scoreboard and they will need to work their mystery magic on Day 2 to get back into the game.

Looking at the personal stats from key players in the teams it seemed likely that Australia, Israel, China and India would be the favorites to take the important top four spots, and so far only India has disappointed a bit. The team arrived as the very last competitors and question is if a stressful trip took its toll on the players’ focus.

After Mongolia started sliding it was Australia and China who took over on the leaderboard for the rest of the day, taking turns in the lead. The two teams are virtually tied before the final day, but a lot of points are still at stake and it is still anybody’s game.

player-19MVP of the first four sessions of play:

Session 1 – Bold Uundai/Mongolia

Session 2 – Wu Sai/CPG

Session 3 – Sangeeth Mohan/India

Session 4 – Queenie Kwan Yee Kim/Australia

Overall MVP standings going into Session 5:

1. Wu Sai/CPG

2. Sangeeth Mohan/India

3. Eyal Eshkar/Israel