Vote Here Sign SThe Poker Players Alliance (PPA) is one of the game’s key lobby groups in the United States, having campaigned for several years for the rights of the country’s several million poker players to play the game they love without committing a criminal office.

This week the PPA published the results of its survey of poker players’ voting intentions ahead of this year’s elections. Thousands of PPA members completed the survey which created some interesting results, results which could be politically significant in November.

As you can read on the PPA website, 31 per cent of those questioned were registered Democrats, 31 per cent were registered Republicans while 38 per cent were Independent, Libertarian or Undeclared.

Will this make poker players pivotal to the election? The PPA certainly hopes so, pointing out that both major parties are fighting for the vote of those not affiliated with either the Republicans or Democrats and that 90 per cent of poker players (according to the survey) intend to vote in the elections.

Not only that but 75 per cent of respondents indicated that their vote for Congress and the Senate would be determined by their local candidate’s position on legalized online poker.

For that there’s the Congressional Ratings Site giving details of all elected representatives in the US. Will the voice of millions of American poker players make a difference? Results in November may tell.