Beta SOn Monday the IFP, in partnership with Vavel, launched the beta version of its global membership programme, the culmination of more than two years of work since the IFP was launched in 2009.

It’s the first of what will be several partnerships with major media platforms around the world and it’s so far so good for the beta testing.

If you haven’t already signed up it’s open to everyone and is as easy as visiting and opening an account. The beta version is free of charge and allows you to play as often as you like in hourly Vavel League tournaments as well as your own national tournaments. Put simply it’s about the love of playing poker against people who feel the same.

What’s more every result you record is counted towards your official ranking. On your personal homepage you’ll find your ranking compared to players from your own country as well as other Vavel League players. You are also ranked internationally, allowing you to track your progress against players from around the world.

It’s not long before you feel compelled to keep playing in order to improve your ranking. Who said poker was all about money?