Ifp Imagelogo Bluegreen 700pxRegular visitors to the IFP website will notice something different from today, with the unveiling of the new IFP logo.The new design, which symbolizes a poker card, features the familiar IFP initials in an new layout and font while keeping the same tones of blue.IFP President Anthony Holden is delighted with the new look.

“This sleek new design marks the start of a new era for IFP, with some exciting announcements to be made in the coming days,” he said. “As President of IFP I’m proud to unveil our new logo as we enter a new era for poker as a Mind Sport of strategic skill.”

The idea behind the redesign was to give the IFP a simple, concise, modern and elegant appearance. The effect is quite striking.

See for yourself on the IFP website. The new logo will also shortly be appearing on the IFP Facebook and Twitter pages.