Chess King Queen Large 7june12News from the World Mind Games taking place in Lille, France, is starting to enter the mainstream press, withThe Daily Telegraph in London publishing a report from the 15-day competition.

The article, written by William Langley, details the atmosphere of intense concentration at what is a unique “Olympics of the mind” which, given a decision here and there, could have been part of the regular games, according to IMSA.

It also gives an insight to the level of competition taking place, comparing participants to regular athletes who limber up prior to playing and who train to keep in shape – after all, 12 hours of Bridge, Chess, Go, Draughts or Xiang Qi can be exhausting.

Mind sport fans will be familiar with Langley’s observations, but it serves as a reminder to those who aren’t of what it takes to compete at the highest level, as well as an interesting perspective on the games which concluded yesterday.

Read the full article on The Daily Telegraph website.