Checker Board Small 14aug12The World Mind Games continue in Lille, France, with early round events in Bridge, Chess, Go, Draughts and Xiang Qi all taking place today.

For mind sport connoisseurs it’s one of the highlights of the year, where the most talented competitors in each discipline meet to win one of the mind sport’s most coveted prize, a champion’s medal.

But even when the Games come to an end next week, it will not be the end of play, with SportAccord planning their own online version of its Games later this year.

The 2012 World Mind Games online tournament will aim to attract the some 300,000 participants who took part in the successful first event of its kind in 2011.

Tournaments in each sport, backed by their member federations and the International Mind Sport Association, will take place in September and October and will be played on the major online platforms. With categories devised based on skill level, organisers also hope to attract younger players, as well as those who compete in universities.

Go to the World Mind Games website for more details of events this week. Additional information about the online games will be available soon on the SportAccord World Mind Games website.