Chess Pieces 22june12If you’ve been totally absorbed by the Olympic Games for the past 16 days, Monday morning may have left you with something of an empty feeling. The party is officially over, the flame is extinguished and they’ll be no more field hockey or weightlifting before breakfast, at least not unless you do the heavy lifting yourself.

For fans of Mind Sports there are a few of these moments every year; the end of a major competition, or the last days of the World Series of Poker main event – no more cards to deal, no more opponents to outwit, no more chips to riffle.

But Mind Sport fans need not wait too long before a vast array of various poker disciplines are thrust upon them, with the new look European Poker Tour about to start its ninth season and the International Mind Sport Association World Mind Games already under way in Lille, France.

With the likes of Bridge, Chess, Draughts, Go and Xiang Qi making up events, with action on-going until the final day on 23 August. Next time it’s hoped poker, which has Observer Status, will be among the events on show.

In the meantime it provides a spectacular demonstration of mental agility in the world. It may not come with flags and a big flame, but for Mind Sport players across the world the games have just begun.