Royal Flush SmallShe was the hostess of some of poker’s most exclusive home games, featuring Hollywood celebrities, high profile athletes and high rollers. Then, the world she had reigned over for years came crashing down around her.

Molly Bloom arranged these high-class poker games in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and Miami. All was well until a lawsuit seeking to reclaim $4 million emerged, bringing the games to a halt.

Now Bloom, known to her clients as the “poker princess,” is writing a memoir about her experiences, spilling the beans on some of poker’s most secretive games.

Bloom was among those listed in the lawsuit by the former clients of Brad Ruderman, who is currently in jail for wire fraud and investment adviser fraud. Ruderman allegedly lost millions in the home games, but it was not his money to lose.

Among those listed with Bloom was actor Tobey Maguire, a keen poker player, who settled out of court in November 2011, paying back some $80,000 from his winnings; although his total profit was thought to be several times that amount.

The details of all of this, including the other players in the game, will feature in the book, published by It Books, a division of HarperCollins, and scheduled for release in summer 2014.