Table Nally

Patrick Nally

In an interview with the Financial Times recently, Patrick Nally, known as the Godfather of Sports marketing, talked of his role in bringing large corporate sponsorship to major sporting events; Coca Cola to the World Cup, even jeans to the Olympic Games. Nally was instrumental in shaping the sporting world into the mould it is in now.

As a member of the IFP Executive Board, Nally has, over the past two years, turned his attentions to Mind Sports, seeking to transform the image of games like poker, played by millions of people, across the world.

“Whether you are a doctor, accountant, architect or engineer, there are vast numbers of people that would socially like to create competitive events and activity among their groups and be ranked,” said Nally. “There are billions of people around the world who participate in mind sports online, and we are giving the ability for people to come to global events, to win through to, in the case of poker, the ultimate table.”

With the expertise of Nally, it has made the development of the IFP in particular an intriguing story with the IFP World Championships last November being the first opportunity for Mind Sports and sponsorship to combine. The IFP will be working alongside other major sponsors later this year when the new software is launched in tandem with a revolutionary new membership scheme.

Read the interview on the Financial Times website.